Aim of the meeting

Thursday 15 April 2010 // The ELSA conference

The Symposium "Gaia: at the frontiers of astrometry" was the closing conference of the European Marie Curie Research Training Network "ELSA". It has been held in Sèvres (near Paris and Meudon) from 7 to 11 June 2010. The network started on 1 October 2006 for a duration of four years. Its overall objectives were to develop the theoretical understanding and practical analysis tools of importance for the European Space Agency’s astrometric mission Gaia (to be launched in 2012) and to foster the development of a new generation of researchers in the area of space astrometry. It was a coordinated action between 14 European institutes involved in the preparation of the European Space Agency mission Gaia.

The objective of the Symposium was to present the results obtained within the network on the various aspects of the preparation of the data analysis and scientific exploitation of the Gaia mission. It has also been the opportunity to have presentations on the status of the mission, on aspects of the scientific exploitation not covered within the network, and on the development of complementary theoretical tools or follow-up ground-based observations. Finally, many of the problems and questions encountered during the preparation of Gaia were put in the 2015 context.

The Proceedings are published by EDP Sciences in the EAS Publications Series,
Volume 45, 2010.
Editors: C. Turon, F. Meynadier and F. Arenou.

Detailed information on the publication and the table of contents are available here.

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The booklet of abstracts is available here.