<b>Field 13</b>: DM number

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Field 13: DM number

DM identification numbers for stars in the Bonner Durchmusterung, the Cordoba Durchmusterung, and the Cape Photographic Durchmusterung (BD, CD or CPD respectively) are given following the HD convention, i.e.

[]The format is ZZ NNNNN, with ZZ indicating the declination zone, and NNNNN denoting a running number.

The BD, CD and CPD catalogues overlap, and in the overlapping regions their stellar content is not identical. It may thus happen, for example, that some stars in the zone only appear in the CPD catalogue. In such a case, where the HD convention cannot be followed, the available number is given, followed by in the last digit of this field. The last digit of this field is also used for additional BD stars, i.e. stars with suffix a or b (these stars were added to the BD Catalogue after the original numbering was made). Such identifications do not imply that the entry is a component of a double or multiple system.

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