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The Astrostatistical pipotron

The publication rate is one of the rare methods allowing to assess the work of researchers. Many of them dream about a computer program automatically generating their papers.

The most difficult task is to find a relevant sentence which shows your knowledge of the matter. This requires the use of a particular, technical vocabulary, obviously referring to a well-known author, and which can fit in any occasion.

Do not search any more, the statistical astropipotron is for you, you just have to click below in case of emergency.

Due to my poor knowledge in english, you may prefer to switch to the french version of the text (or to send me correct sentences!).

Note however that there are, in the version 1.0 of astropipotron, more than 10 billion combinations, equivalent to about 300 million scientific papers, enough to sustain for decades the publication rate of any institute. Of course, a few analytical formulas illustrating the matter are missing: a LaTeXpipotron would perfectly deserve a start-up company.

For those who read french, this page has been entirely inspired by the géopipotron, itself originating from the pipotron.

english version