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Interstellar extinction using a tridimensional galactic model

Fill in this form in order to compute the extinction, colour and distance, using the Arenou, Grenon, Gómez (1992) model and the Schmidt-Kaler (1982) calibrations.

The same form allows to compute various things, depending on the method:

Warning: this model is quite old. For better results, you may consider instead to get the fundamental parameters of a star from uvbyß photometry

     V magnitude       (B-V) colour  
 gal. long. l (deg)     gal. lat. b  
  spectral type        distance (pc) 

 Verbose/debug output

/cgi-bin/afm - $Revision: 1.1 $ Biblio: Arenou Frédéric, Grenon Michel, Gómez Ana, 1992, Astron. Astrophys. 258, 104-111