<b>Field 44, 1st digit</b>: Coded error of the <IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="_16973_tex2html_wrap2525.gif"> magnitudes at maximum/minimum luminosity

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Field 44, 1st digit: Coded error of the magnitudes at maximum/minimum luminosity

This code gives an estimation of the accuracy of the magnitudes at maximum and minimum luminosity given in fields 42 and 43. This estimate includes the errors of individual measurements and the possible variability of the maxima and minima. This information is given for stars with a variability code of 3 or 4 (as specified by the first digit of field 26), whenever the necessary information on the luminosity curve was available. The code can take the values given in Table V3 gif.


The Meudon Hipparcos Input Catalogue Team
mer 16 nov 15:51:31 MET 1994