<b>Field 60</b>: Other identifiers

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Field 60: Other identifiers

Cross-identifications are given for stars in galactic open clusters, in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, or in the following catalogues: C*, IRC, PK, and WD.

Table B5 gif gives the list of galactic open clusters names and abbreviations for which at least one star is included in the Input Catalogue. The reference of the adopted numbering system in each cluster is given under each chart (see Annex 3 of the printed version). Usual names for some clusters are given hereafter: Persei (Melotte 20), Coma Berenices (Melotte 111), h Persei (NGC 869), Persei (NGC 884), Hyades (Melotte 25), Pleiades (Melotte 22), Praesepe (NGC 2632), Sculptoris (Blanco 1).

Identifications in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are given in Table I4 gif.

Other possible cross-identifications are given in Table I5 gif.






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