Fields 51-60: Identifications

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Fields 51-60: Identifications

[]During the preparation of the Hipparcos Input Catalogue, numerous cross-identifications and systematic checks of these identifications were carried out, resulting in many individual corrections being included in the INCA data base. The basic initial material was taken from the SIMBAD data base. Some of the most important identifiers are given here. The order adopted for the choice of identifications reflects the nature of the stars included in the Hipparcos observing programme (e.g. catalogues of nearby stars, of high proper motion stars, etc.).

In the following format descriptions, NNN... denotes a running number; HH, DD, and MM (and MM.m) denote hours, degrees and minutes respectively; LLL and BB denote galactic longitude and latitude respectively; VV (and VV.v) denote `volume'; ZZ indicates the declination zone; FFF... denotes a `field' number; and A indicates a component.

In case of joint entry, the identifier with the `smaller' running number is given, irrespective of the brightness of the components (ex.:BD +50 222 is given, not BD +50 223; Mel 22 800 is given, not Mel 22 801; GL NNNA is given, not GL NNNB).

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