<b>Field 56</b>: AGK3/CPC number

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Field 56: AGK3/CPC number

Cross-identifications are given to stars in the AGK3 Catalogue for (Dieckvoss et al. 1975), and otherwise to stars in the CPC Catalogue (Jackson & Stoy 1954-68). The format of each catalogue is given in Table I2 gif.



* Note that the CPC Catalogue does not cover the declination zone . Cross-identifications for stars in this interval are given following the system adopted within the SIMBAD data base: a zero (0) is adopted in place of the volume number (in contrast to for stars from the AGK3 with zero declination) with cross-identifications made to stars from this zone from the older Cape Zone Catalogue (Gill & Hough 1923). These numbers, in the range 1 - 20843, correspond to those also used by the Yale Photographic Catalogues (known as the `Yale Zone' Catalogue, YZ) in the zone (YZ does not cover the declination zone ).

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