<b>Field 55</b>: FK5/FK5 Ext/FK4 Sup, or IRS (AGK3R/SRS) number

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Field 55: FK5/FK5 Ext/FK4 Sup, or IRS (AGK3R/SRS) number

Cross-identifications are given to stars in the Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5, Fricke et al. 1988), its extension (FK5 Ext, Fricke et al. 1991), the FK4 Supplement (FK4 Sup, Fricke 1963), and to the International Reference Stars (IRS), which comprises the AGK3R (Smith 1980) and SRS (Smith et al. 1990) Catalogues. Abbreviation, format, range, number of identifiers in the Hipparcos Input Catalogue are given for each catalogue, in Table I1 gif.



Cross-identifications are included according to the following hierarchy: FK5, FK5 Ext, FK4 Sup, AGK3R, SRS (e.g. if the star appears in both the AGK3R and SRS catalogues, only the AGK3R number is given). Note that the FK5 stars are identical to the FK4 stars. Stars with FK4 Sup numbers are not contained in the FK5 extension.

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